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WAVE Reviews & Day Time Smokey look


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HELLO ! This blog entry will feature some product reviews and a simple day time smokey eye tutorial!

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 Neutrogena WAVE POWER CLEANSER was very very recently introduced into the Singapore market. I grabbed one and tried it out. It’s suppose to cleanse deeply and remove makeup and blah blah…. Personally I think its only OK. My skin did not feel clean or excessive dry or taut after a round of Power Cleansing. It felt kinda normal and I didn’t see much of a difference to be honest. I’ll try it out a few more times and if it proves to be a good exfoliating tool, maybe I’ll recommend it, but not now. I think the Clarisonic device that Ricebunny reviewed on you tube looks better… hehe… It also cost lots lots MORE 😉

Moving on, I tried out Acne.Org Products cause I am a silent Fan of DAN KERN! I think he’s really sincere about helping others and he puts unwavering attention into the quality of his products. The Jojoba oil and 10% AHA reached our tiny island within less than 10 days and I fell in love with the packaging…

Jojoba oil can be used for spilt ends and removing makeup and it’s really gentle on the skin. It smells really nice and will make a non pore clogging moisturizer. Dan recommends to use some with spf, if you have dry or flaky skin. Love this.

10% AHA is amazing. It gives your skin a real glow and has helped me cut off emerging pimples!


Clinque Derma White Sunblock is okay too.. 2 pimples popped out after using this, but than again I have always been extremely sensitive to sunblocks. I like the tint in this sunblock though. It gives a nice glow to the skin. Not Sticky or oily…. so I’ll try it out for a few months but I’ll stop if more pimples pop out.

IMG_3816 IMG_3817


Day Time Smokey Eye: 


Estee Lauder Delux Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette


  IMG_3829IMG_3838 copy

1) Shu Uemura UV Liquid. Great foundation for sensitive Asian skin tones. I love this foundation cause it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

IMG_3839 copyIMG_3841 copy

2) Rim and blend the eyes with Smokey ES.

IMG_3842 copy  IMG_3844 copy

3)Apply camouflage to the centre of the lid

IMG_3845 IMG_3847 copy 

4) Apply Berry Ice to the Inner corners of the eye

IMG_3846 IMG_3850 copy

5) Mocha Cup on brow bone, blended with the darker ES


6) EYELINER: To create a gentle dark smoldering look, I line the water and lash lines. Eyeliner is applied and blended out with a brush



IMG_3853 IMG_3854IMG_3858 IMG_3859 copy

7) Curl & Mascara ( i use a brush to apply mascara to lower lashes)

IMG_3862 IMG_3866 copy 

IMG_3872 copy

ADDITONAL [ Lips: Use Becca Bird’s of Paradise Gloss for EyeslipsFace as base, followed by a mixture of red and nude lipstick color and a lip gloss for a sexy pout! ]



Pictures below Without flash and With flash:



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