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ELF PRODUCT REVIEW & Cheap Eyeshadow Palette from EBAY


1) FOLTENE Product Update:

My verdict about the FOLTENE LASH GROWTH product.

My lashes have not grown an inch. IT SUCKS!!!!

What a waste of $50. Completely wasted on a product that has not made my lashes thicker or longer.

After one week, my lashes are still looking the same. BOO!IMG_4076 copy


2) 3 Easy Steps to Office Friendly Makeup: 

I bought this palette off ebay, cause it was retailing for only 5-6 USD.

Plus it has a nice shine to it and the colors are work friendly. You can easily vamp up your look, with such a palette if you plan to go out after work.

The colors are a versatile mix of white, silver, black, copper and bronze.




1) Apply bronze color on the outer 1/3 of the lid

   IMG_4077 copyIMG_4079

2) Apply the frosty white on the inner 2/3 of the lid


3) Apply the black lightly to the crease area &  { Curl+ Mascara }


4) Apply your foundation and I like to set it with mineral powder


5) Foltene Eye lash thingy is now my eyelash base prior to mascara + Elf Mascara to coat  + Sephora Eyebrow pencil ( My Staple )


6) Body Shop Lip gloss & Maybelline Nude Lipstick.


Final Product

Lips without flash and with flash:






elf Liquid Eyeliner 4201 Coffee:

 IMG_4138 IMG_4143 IMG_4135
+ V. Affordable
+ Very natural brown color ( great for natural looks or a sun kissed look)
+ Easy to apply due to fine felt tip brush for precise lines
+ Quick to dry means less smudging for me ( i have a phobia of smudging makeup, cause it happens to me too damn often)
+ Smooth application
For the price, I think there is virtually no CONS

elf Hypershine Gloss 9011 Fairy with smooth glide on applicator:

IMG_4121  IMG_4122  IMG_4124 IMG_4127  IMG_4125

+ V. Affordable
+ Not overly GOOPY ( my lips don’t feel loaded with glue), a very nice consistency.
+ Nice shine, no cheapo gleam to it.
-I think it could taste a bit nicer

elf Lip Liner Natural 1904 Blush Shade with Sharpener

 IMG_4107 IMG_4109 IMG_4108 

IMG_4111 IMG_4114 IMG_4112
+ V. Affordable
+ This shade is a tad bit lighter than my lips and its a soft pink. So the look is very sweet and I like it
+ Comes with a sharpener, very generous if you ask me
– It is too dry and tugs at lips

elf is a really budget buy. Its low cost, high quality cosmetics that I am loving more and more. Elf cosmetics doesn’t require you to spend a fortunate, unlike the up market brands.
If its budget and crap, than its crap and I would not go near it again. But ELF is cheap and very good. I am already wearing Elf’s mascara on a daily basis because my lashes look well coated and very black and very seperated. Its a sexy, totally affordable mascara that you should have in your makeup collection! I highly recommend it.




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