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Concealing Imperfections – Office Look


Conceal eyes with a creamy concealor.


Conceal reddness, zits, whatever you can’t stand. Blending the concealor is very impt or you get white patches on your face. It has happened to me too often, so I put more effort into blending it out well. Also, Use a brush if your fingers aren’t clean.


After concealing, I recommend a light powder to set your face. If you use foundation, its wonderful to put it on now and than use this powder veil from coastal scents to set your face.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VEIL. It is so fine and so smooth, as can be seen from the picture and the color suits me extremely well. I recommend the Medium Veil especially if you don’t wear any foundation or you simply want a natural, glowly look. This product comes highly recommended by ME !

You can apply it with fingers or brushes. The brushes in the picture below show powder application for the entire face and the smaller one is kabuki brush for the eye area or any smaller hard to reach areas.

Apply in a swirling motion 🙂 Easy


You should have a more or less flawless finish after the concealor, foundation ( optional ) and veil application.  EXCUSE my MESSY HAIR.

Anyways, everyone has a different definition of flawless. For me, its covering reddness and zits and eye bags . To others, its a face of foundation andor powder. Whatever rocks your boat.



For my eyes today, I simply apply some light pink eyeshadow and thick coat of mascara… After using ELF Mascara, I am finding it very hard to use my other mascaras cause they somehow weigh down my eyelashes and they don’t make my eyes look that vibrant.

ELF mascara may take a longer time to dry but it is really great!


So now I am late for work and I need to get out! My makeup is super simple but sweet enough to meet clients.


…. retarded pose 😛


Nah… Hair down is better….


IMG_4229 IMG_4241 






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