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Ms Ee happened to ask about oil based makeup removers, just as I was writing an entry on my favourite eye makeup remover.

Sheer psychic!

Well,I have tried using the cheapest alternative = Extra Virgin Olive oil, to the pricey ones such as Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (Classic). I love Shu but the price tag is a real hefty one despite the fact that it can last for years 🙂 I can’t seem to use EVOO or any oils like Johnson & Johnson, cause it stings my eye… 

After considerable testing, I have found 2 economically priced makeup removers that I LOVE & ADORE.

1) Kanebo Eye Makeup Remover

IMG_4721  IMG_4732

A) Eye liner !


B) Removed once with Kanebo Eye Makeup  remover!IMG_4725IMG_4726

C) Removed Twice with Kanebo Eye Makeup Remover


D) Removed thrice with Kanebo Eye Makeup Remover IMG_4729IMG_4730      

As you can see, Kanebo Eye Makeup remover is excellent for heavy duty eyeliner and stubborn makeup.


-Shake the bottle b4 use, to mix the oil in with the other layers

-Dab onto cotton wool and press gently onto lids

– DUN DRAG, TUG or PULL at your delicate eyelids

– The effective oil based makeup remover should do a great job to remove whatever mascara or eyeliner. Just be gentle, not forceful 🙂

2) DHC Olive

 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This second wonder makeup remover is by DHC. It is relatively unheard of in Singapore but in Japan and in the beauty world its quite the superstar makeup remover product!

I picked this up when I visited Japan last year and my ONLY complaints are that, it runs out very quickly. You need a few pumps to cleanse eye makeup and some more for stubborn liner and mascara.


-Pump onto palm, use fingertips to message oil onto makeup

-Gently message onto skin

– Use water to cleanse off the remover and makeup

– Repeat very gently with water and\or remover if needed

Lastly, if you want to splurge, go buy Shu Uemura Cleansing oil. One of the best in the market. No funny reactions and very calming on the skin 🙂

I tried out some plaits for my hair cause long hair can get so boring… Pony Tail, Curly, Straight…. 

IMG_4689 IMG_4688

Ingredients for a Soft Dark Eye Rimmed Look :


Shape Eyebrows with :

-Thin brush for the outer portion of the eyebrow


Very useful brush for shaping and filling in brow with brown E\S Color


Color Used:


Yea, I used the car seat as a backdrop for all the stuff used in this look :

Coastal Scents eyeliner at lash line with the brown eyeshadow to soften it out. Blend well 🙂



Ciao Bellas !


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