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So sue me, I was having fun with glitter…

hee :) 


I’ve been a little occupied with life and work lately and haven’t had the time to go beauty shopping. Sadly, all I’ve purchased recently are some ELF products…

1) Elf Eye Liner Pencil in Midnight

IMG_4743 IMG_4752

The color is pretty interesting but the application is pretty bad cause it’s dry and tugs at the skin. Personally, this isn’t something I would re- purchase.

2) Elf Custom Eyes in Moondust 

IMG_4748  IMG_4786

I used in on the crease in this photo. A pleasant shimmery light brown shade. Not too bad, but its nothing I’ll go Gaga over though ;-0

3) Elf Custom Lips Peach


This color is really sweet and pretty. You have to put a layer of gloss over it or it can look a tad bit dry. Otherwise, I like it !


Lippies of the Week:

  *Shu Uemura Lip Gloss + NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Almond =







  *Shu Uemura Lip Gloss + NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Plush Red=





Okay, doesn’t my old makeup case look a little worn out?

It’s great for putting a whole bunch of makeover miracle tools in it until  my mom bought me a much cuter makeup pouch!





Ribbon hair accessories have been a recent and lasting obsession.

I can’t resist a good old ribbon to brighten up my sullen look 😛

Bought this huge ribbon and I’ve been trying to make it look Prettie!



My all time trusty Lip Gloss –

MAC Lustreglass in Morning Glory

IMG_4753 IMG_4760

Works like a charm for my dark lips all the time 🙂

Coming Soon :

A NYX GLitter Palette Swatch requested by Ulfie




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