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Hime Gyaru Makeup & Hair Tutorials

I present to you the Hime Gyaru Look 🙂



Here’s my take on this look and I hope you pardon the lack of BLONDE PUFFY HAIR and killer pink cheeks on my part 🙂 heehee


The Hime Gyaru look is similar to that of looking like a princess, big blonde wavy hair, big eyes, light brows, soft pink cheeks and pretty dresses…. I love the idea of dressing and acting like a Princess because we are only young once and we ladies deserve to be pampered. With all the stresses put on ladies in present times, it’s only right that we put ourselves first when the time calls for it.

During my short trip to Japan last year, I was captivated by all the Himegyarus on the streets. Their hair was amazing, their dressing unique, their makeup flawless.

The amount of time, money and effort that goes into such careful outward presentation spoke volumes to me. It made me feel guilty about being sloppy!

Lets get into this whole  HIME PRINCESS craze!

Gyaru is a fashion in japan for teenage girls that’s all about designer

clothes, para para(a structured dance done to eurobeat and trance music),

and having fun. The girls often tan or dye or bleach their hair but that’s not

necessary. There are many  types of gyaru but the one that is becoming

increasingly popular is himegyaru style.

This style is not to become confused with the Japanese lolita fashion who wear poofy skirts and try to be child-like. Hime gyaru is about looking like a young lady who is well off. They wear cocktail dresses in mainly pastel colors with lots of bows. They usually are fair

skinned or don’t have very dark tans. Their hair is often light brown or blonde and in a beehive style. The hair is VERY big.
The point of the style is too look fancy and

beautiful like a young woman not an innocent little girl like


Here are several links that have pictures or discuss hime:
(a list of gyaru styles)
a livejournal community for himegyaru
a forum to discuss gyaru fashion
a resource site for himegyaru


For any Himegyaru, wearing BIG PUFFY HAIR is one of the most basic and essential steps.

Below are some videos that have helped me immensely with curling techniques to achieve the HIME look.



Personally I really really liked this Long wave hair video. I applied the  same technique to my hair and found that my waves were extremely “ curly fries-ish.” This is a pretty useful and effective technique  for Japanese Looks!

In the past, I under estimated the usefulness of a hair curler to achieve volumious hair. If I could redo all my hair purchases, I would get myself a great curler ( Luv Jose Eber), a good hair straightener , hair pins,a backcomb and hair spray.


Other Hime Gyaru hair styles: 

1b)Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial:

1c) Himegyaru [victorian princess] hair



1d)Tutoriel Coiffure Style Hime gyaru :

This video has got to be the strangest mix of the lot. She’s obviously an asian-ish girl who does tutorial videos in FRENCH on Hime gyaru Inspired hairstyles. The world is one big melting pot. Geez












€My Himegyaru Inspiration€ :




Sometimes I feel absolutely grossed out looking at my naked face. However, one look at these Korean stars with and without makeup brings me a little more comfort, knowing that everyone needs to put in some effort to look good.

Makeup is our friend 🙂








– Hime eyebrow look is not too thin or thick. Its got to be just right with a medium arch and brows should be a light orangey brown.

-Fill in eyebrows with pencil and apply small short strokes.


– Using an angled brush and taking a mixture of a light orange and brown color, fill in the brows. Brows should be kept a few shades lighter than your hair color.

IMG_6723 IMG_6724

-Eyebrow Mascara ( Ettusias). A cheaper and equally effective alternative would be to use a light brown mascara and sweep over brows.



-A mixture of Pinks and Light Purple was used on my eyes. I touched up a few times at the end of the look, especially when I was trying to put on my falsies. Sometimes, the eye color isn’t as intense as you expected and its really okay to reapply.


-Blend NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk on top and bottom lid, to act as an eye shadow base



-Blend a mixture of pink and purple eyeshadow close to lash line and extend a little over the crease. Asian lids in general are very heavy and we usually have to “ create” our own Crease with a darker eyeshadow color.


-Blend the Pinkish E\S with ur fingers. This is the method I like to use when I am wearing a creamier base, like NYX Milk Jumbo pencil.


-Blend a dark blue from the 120 eyeshadow palette on the bottom eyelid. Its okay to be messy here.

IMG_6741 IMG_6743IMG_6744

-Using my new favourite Liner brush from MAC * 266* and any random black gel liner, I once again line the top and bottom lash line.

IMG_6749 IMG_6746  IMG_6747  IMG_6748

-Re- Line my eyes with SANA Extra Heavy Liquid Liner for more intense color ( makeup needs to be exaggerated somewhat for picture)


-White eyeliner on the bottom water line. An eye widening trick that is used by professionals all the time. I am using MAC Eyeliner in Fascinating.



-Apply an off white eye shadow color to the brow bone areaIMG_6780 IMG_6784

-At this point, I wouldn’t touch up on the eye shadow cause it tends to get a little messy  when I put on the falsies. I prefer to wait till the end to clean off any mistake than layer on more pinkish\purplish eye shadow.



-Apply Mascara. As much as you want.


-Luscious Lashes x2

Critical for looking like a Princess





-Tip* Do re-apply liquid eyeliner to the bottom lash line and smudge slightly for that wide eyed look.IMG_6752 


-Thick layer of gloss!





IMG_6912 IMG_6881

 IMG_6851IMG_6847IMG_6849  IMG_6848

Korean Style Eyeliner – Natural Look

Personally I think Korean actresses know how to enhance their natural beauty and accentuate the positive. Along with the fact that they probably have a pretty darn good plastic surgeon who can grant them instant double eyelids, western nose bridges and maybe throw in a jaw line reduction just for kicks. If I sounds bitter, its cause I am.

So, this entry is going be all about obtaining Korean Actresses – EYES, without the surgery.

The basis of the Korean actress look is really in a flawless face which translates to complete eye bags\ zits\reddness\darkness coverage, well defined eyebrows ( THROW your tweezers out the window) , glossy lips and subtly defined eyes.



I hate Korean dramas but there’s something undeniably beautiful about these Porcelain looking Korean actresses.



Now, now lets get talking about the FUN part :


1) Cream Eyeliner + THIN brush (MAC, Shu uemura, ECO Tools,Maybelline)

If you want a more defined look, easier application as compared to liquid liners, than to me cream liner is the way to go.

The brush gives you more control and grip and as such, you can draw a nice fluid  line. Also, a smaller and firmer brush can produce a more precise looking line.

The down side  with cream liners is that some users still prefer liquid liner as they feel they can draw a thinner more exact line as compared to the cream liner. At the end of the day, it really boils down to personal preference.

Great Stuff: Stila Smudge Pot, MAC black track, Coastal Scents ( been using this alot lately but having issues with removal , I still love it cause of the color intensity though ), Japanese cream eyeliners are pretty good in general


2) Pencil Eyeliner

For a very natural and soft look,  pencil liners would be the best way to go. Tip: Don’t bother with cheap and dry pencils cause they will only hurt the skin.

However, be warned that pencils have the tendency to smudge as they are less permanent than liquid or cream liners. As a rule of thumb, creamier pencils smudge more. Also, make sure to keep the pencil sharp, otherwise the line will be thick and very Un- Korean looking

Great Stuff: MAC Pencil liners (Engraved), Make Up Store, inouvi

3) Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Liners are great for photos. They come out really well in pictures but in person, liquid liners can look a tad bit harsh, when applied incorrectly. If you use liquid liners, be sure to keep the line really fine and as close to the lashes as possible!

The downside of liquid liners is that they are hard to apply. For me personally,I steer away from liquid liners. Cleaning up the mess is too much work for a lazy gal like me. It takes way too much concentration to keep a stable hand.

Great Stuff: Loreal, Tattoo Eyeliner , Shu uemura





STEP 1– Conceal


STEP 2- Tightlining the UPPER WATER LINE



A great tutorial to describe Tightlining: 

* Tightlining makes all the difference in getting a really nice dark lash line. It make the eyes look really big naturally. This step alone, can open up the eyes.

* Do not be too generous with liner application on the upper water line cause it can smudge really badly on your lower lids.

*Skip tightlining if u have very sensitive eyes.

STEP 3– Draw a THIN line on the lash line using a Black Eyeliner Pencil or Cream Liner

IMG_5036 IMG_5032IMG_5039IMG_5041IMG_5040

Step 4– Take an eyeliner brush ( Small, thin, narrow shaped) and dip into some dark eyeshadow. The eyeshadow acts as a sealant and helps to smoke out the drawn line, making it more natural looking.



Step 5 – CURL & MASCARA ( thin coat).

For extra definition, you can go over with liquid liner. This step is truly optional.



I took the picture below from some forum. The pictorial description is pretty much the essence of making your eyeliner appear really natural and soft:







Sources to learn about

great eye lining tips:




Concealing Imperfections – Office Look


Conceal eyes with a creamy concealor.


Conceal reddness, zits, whatever you can’t stand. Blending the concealor is very impt or you get white patches on your face. It has happened to me too often, so I put more effort into blending it out well. Also, Use a brush if your fingers aren’t clean.


After concealing, I recommend a light powder to set your face. If you use foundation, its wonderful to put it on now and than use this powder veil from coastal scents to set your face.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VEIL. It is so fine and so smooth, as can be seen from the picture and the color suits me extremely well. I recommend the Medium Veil especially if you don’t wear any foundation or you simply want a natural, glowly look. This product comes highly recommended by ME !

You can apply it with fingers or brushes. The brushes in the picture below show powder application for the entire face and the smaller one is kabuki brush for the eye area or any smaller hard to reach areas.

Apply in a swirling motion 🙂 Easy


You should have a more or less flawless finish after the concealor, foundation ( optional ) and veil application.  EXCUSE my MESSY HAIR.

Anyways, everyone has a different definition of flawless. For me, its covering reddness and zits and eye bags . To others, its a face of foundation andor powder. Whatever rocks your boat.



For my eyes today, I simply apply some light pink eyeshadow and thick coat of mascara… After using ELF Mascara, I am finding it very hard to use my other mascaras cause they somehow weigh down my eyelashes and they don’t make my eyes look that vibrant.

ELF mascara may take a longer time to dry but it is really great!


So now I am late for work and I need to get out! My makeup is super simple but sweet enough to meet clients.


…. retarded pose 😛


Nah… Hair down is better….


IMG_4229 IMG_4241