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Shopping Workout For Great Eyes

Who doesn’t get stressed out from work? A great stress suppressor to me stems from a great shopping workout. Strenuous exercise makes me fat cause I bulk up very fast, so I don’t have any other choice but to shop. Shopping allows me to walk alot and in that way my mind gets to wonder and my legs gets to stretch and do some light exercise and all in all I’m a happy girl!

My mini Haul for eye centric tools & cosmetics:


Shu Uemura MINI Eyelash Curler

I’ve been hearing rave reviews on this curler. It’s suppose to give your outer lashes a more curled appearance. Normal curlers don’t catch the outer lashes as well as this mini lash curler. I’ve used it and I like how comfortable it feels. It doesn’t bite my skin or tug at the outer lash. YEAH!



I’ve been eyeing Shu Uemura fake eyelashes for quite some time after being totally inspired by Lady Gaga Makeup.


I love how flamboyant her lashes are in this picture but I brought myself back to reality with a simple question of “ Will you ever wear these outrageous lashes anywhere besides home ?” Answer was fairly simple. Never.

There’s no way I can go out with those lashes she’s wearing above …. …. hahaha

So I settled for SMOKEY LAYERS. They look very natural and flirty and the SA told me it could be reused 10 times. This pair costs 40 bucks so I am going to use it till it falls apart.

I am hoping that Shu Uemura won’t let me dow  as they rarely ever deliver a bad product, so fingers crossed here!




Ettusais Eyebrow Mascara

According to their website , theWaterproof eyebrow mascara neatens eyebrows to give a natural finish. Resistant to sweat, water and sebum. Comes in 3 different shades.

I think my eyebrows need some taming and this could be the answer on days I am too tired( lazy) to draw the eyebrows.

Diverging abit, Ettusais Hypercurl Masacara is an amazing amazing mascara.I buy it when I feel a little more rich. Overall, I like Ettusais!




Another product I purchased from Ettusais is the Eye Zone Tinted Color Essence

From the website:

This lightweight Eye Zone Tinted Color Essence is an eye essence and concealer in one.

How it Works:
Apply Eye Zone Tinted Essence after your pre makeup base. Use it on its own for a natural finish or layer on foundation afterwards for enhanced coverage. To counter more stubborn dark circles, lightly pat Eye Zone Tinted Essence over the eye instead of blending it.

I like this product cause its light and it’s tinted to cover my dark circles. All this work stress, late nights are starting to show. Its only professional for me to not look like a PANDA bear at work 🙂 Plus I gotta take care of my eyes.


IMG_6017 IMG_6018

As the work stress piles on, I am super grateful to have this beauty blog. I get to write about my haul, beauty, my interests and its really great to read other great blogs too…

I leave you with a nice video by Fuzkittie: *How to make your eyes bigger*

It helps that she’s wearing those cute ass contacts tat make ur eyes look big ….


Read more here:




First and Foremost, I must say that NYX glitter palette is super easy and super good to use. It’s not overly sticky, neither is it too dry such that it does not adhere to the skin. It’s got a good texture and a great shine.

As you can see from the swatches below, the glitter color intensity is strong and in a nutshell, it’s  an absolute breeze to use.










All the lovely glitter

on my hand…


For a lazy bum like me who hates to take extra steps to make the glitter stay put, I find this pallet handy cause I don’t have to put on a layer of gloss on my lids for the glitter to stick on.

There will be some fallout but nothing too drastic. Just remember to carry a tiny mirror with you when you are out, so you can check and double check for fallen glitter… … Or you can do it the Japanese way, bring a HUGE mirror to check … … either way, NYX gets a thumbs up for this fantastic product! 


Mini MAC HAUL & Bright Eyed Sizzling Red Lips


This is how I started off my yesterday.

Everyday Minerals on my eyes, Top Heavy Mascara focused especially on the tail ends of my lashes for a seductive cat eye look.

EEK!!! No Lipstick?!

Well, my brain usually functions after 2 in the afternoon  .












So, in need of a serious lift ::



B4 red lipstick ^& Gloss :


Acting Sweet!

After red lipstick ^& Gloss :







This is how I started off today.

*MAC Haul at 12pm. WOW. What a stress reliever. Especially when I got  a chance to hang out with my darling friend, Ms Estee .

1) MAC CremeSheen SHY GIRL –




This is such a beautiful lipstick. I read a lot of reviews regarding SHYGIRL & I just had to get my hands on it. WOW. I LOVE.

The lipstick glides on smoothly and the color is so sweet and youthful. Its an orangey color on my hand but on my lips, it totally rocks a nude sexy look. I LOVE THIS!





Isn’t this color lovely? I think the picture speaks for itself. I’m in LOVE.




This eyebrow pencil is so la la… I only like it cause its easy to draw my brows with this. The color is a tad bit too light … …

That’s all for today, CIAO BELLAS!

Foltene Lash and Brow Growth


IMG_3913 IMG_3953

  • I caved in and bought

Foltene lash growth product from watsons…

It comes in a mascara looking tube and was awarded Woman’s Weekly BEST BEAUTY BUY.  I don’t really buy such hype but I am sincerely hoping that it will live up to it. Anyhow, it doesn’t promise to give curly lashes, just to strengthen and lengthen your lashes. As you can see from my short lashes, they are in desperate need of help……


IMG_3916 IMG_3919

  • Bought this lip balm from a push cart at Bugis new shopping centre…

    Its compact and easy to use; Very moisturising… The texture and color remind me of clinque lipsticks


    • I applied the lip balm above to naked lips and paired it with a orangey lip color…




    Photo of the day look – a natural looking eye for work paired with orangey lips 🙂

    Everyday stuff & Mascara Review



    My hair clip from accessorize


    Cuberry Brushes are really fantastic for eye and face application purposes. Great Quality Bristles 🙂


    My Pear Lip Balm from Japan! LOVE JAPAN FOR its FANTASTICALLY CUTE STUFF!!!

    japan = makeup heaven


    Eyelash Curler from Japan.


    I’m thinking of getting a lash growth product cause my lashes are so short and hard to curl….

    Lollipop26 recommended Enormous Lash…

    If my bottom lashes were denser and blacker than I wouldn’t have these nasty under eye smudges…. Which brings me to another section of this blog entry: Mascara Review:


    My Original Short LAshes….

    I have to suffice with mascaras to get dark curled lashes…


    The test ( I did not curl my lashes prior to application ) :

    Majolica Majorca Extend Elegant VS trusty Maybelline Volume Express

    *Majolica Majorca ( 2 Coats)  




    Majolica Majorca Pros: Makes individual lash appear thicker and really darkens the lashes

    Majolica Majorca Cons: Really difficult to remove + if I put on more than 2 coats, my lashes droop + sumdges

    *Maybelline Volume Express ( 2 Coats)          



    Maybelline Volume Express Pros: Curls Lashes, easy to remove and won’t make lashes droop

    Maybelline Volume Express Cons: Clumpy 


    IMG_3726TA TA 🙂

    GLITTER MANIA – Coastal Scents

    Glitter Eyeshadow is the ultimate for color and for that WOW factor…



    A detailed breakdown of my current glitter obsession stash:

    Coastal Scent’s Silver Hologram Glitter Powder has got to be my most favorite glitter color! It can be placed on top of any Eyeshadow color to add that sparkling effect. The silver bits are darker in real life as compared to what you might see in the picture below. The bottle it comes in is really cute. It’s like those bottles used in science labs!


    My Second Favorite color would have to be the Coastal Scent’s OCEAN BLUE Glitter Powder. This one is just really really pretty. Great for Christmas and New Year. It is such a festive, happy color! 🙂


    Coastal Scent’s Golden Fairy Dust is a real nice yellow, golden color. Its intense and very festive feeling as well.


    Coastal Scent’s purple punch is a really beautiful rich purple glitter. This glitter doesn’t have the same intensity and glittery effect as compared to the silver hologram or ocean blue glitter. I needed to apply it several times and had to use more of the cream base just to make this glitter stick. LUV the color but not the application of this glitter.


    Coastal Scent’s Black Magic Hologram Glitter Powder is a  greyish black glitter. This is really good if you want to wear a darker shade glitter but are too afraid of the black dirty fallout. This color is not an intense black but it looks great when paired with bronzy or darker grey E\S.


    Coastal Scent’s Lime Green Hologram Glitter Powder is a color I am super not crazy about. The color is really very light and it doesn’t stick very well. 


    Coastal Scents Glitter Hand Swatches:


    From LEFT to RIGHT:


    SNEAK PEEK AT THE GLITTERS.  Using Becca’s Cream as the base:


    (Pardon my eyebrows, I am trying to grow them out)


    A few random products I thought to share :

    Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap is an all in one soap. There are so many smells like tea tree, peppermint, almond, natural, lavender ( Picture below)…. I love this soap cause its an all rounder. My friend told me I could even use it to brush my teeth. Think I’ll pass!


    My Coin Stash to store my one and five cent coins….



    For the next entry, we’ll be talking BECCAS BIRD OF PARADISE GLOSS

    (for face/eyes/lips) IMG_3609