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The King Of Pop & Japanese Cosmetic & Skincare REVIEW

I cannot believe  that Michael Jackson just passed away.

The King of Pop is an absolute legend and its such a shock that he passed away at the young age of 50.

No human being can come close to dancing, singing or entertaining like him.

His was a life of fame, plagued by  endless legal suits, debts, family and image  issues.

When I watch his old videos, its like being transported to another time zone. Its like re-living my past and it makes me feel sad that this eccentric genius is gone….

I take comfort in one fact that despite everything, his music lives on.







Moving on, I’ve been super busy at work and my desk is looking very cluttered.

My Practice Drawing:

IMG_5093 Stuff I painted:


IMG_5190 Some of my Work Tools:

IMG_5845  IMG_5706

On the MAKEUP & HAIR front :




After a serious hair frying incident and a rebonding session to salvage the over preocessed hair, I decided to chop off all the dead ends. I went to the shop and told the aunty to give me a straight hair cut and take off 3-4 inches of hair.

Now, when I leave my hair to air dry , its dead straight:


I had a fun time catching up with my pretty and wonderful friends last night and at the end of the day, my hair would look a little more wavy ….



When I curl this shorter  hair of mine, I find that it looks mighty short….I’ve always had long hair most of my life, so I guess I’m used to feeling hair on my back and framing my face. I would love to try a really short hair style but I know it will spell disaster for my fat face. Also, I am making a guess that my Hubby will be frowning, ALOT!

Men and their long hair obsession *tsk tsk*




I  so want my hair to look like these Japanese Girls that I see in

this magazine:IMG_5662




Right now, my hair is just naturally pin straight. It takes alot of time and product to make it stay curled. I must wake up earlier for the sake of grooming my hair ( but I’m so lazy) ! hehehe



I bought EYE FLASHER  recently at Watsons.I am a true blue sucker for Japanese Products and this one was sitting pretty on the shelve with the most gorgeous wet SILVER Eyeshadow ( right most shade on palette). The Japs are so smart, they include simple instructions on the packaging to obtain 3 different looks.

My Favorite has to be the first one – Smokey Big Eye





IMG_5828I think the colors really compliment Asian yellow skin tones and they work together really well!

Many eye shadow palettes have certain colors that are crappy and certain colors that are gorgeous.This palette is that bit more special cause all the colors look great together and are so easy to blend, and they leave a gorgeous shine. I like the angled applicator tip that comes with the palette as it is suited for small areas, which then allows you to brighten the inner eye corners very nicely.

Also, the wet silver color on the right most is super super hot.

EYEFLASHER cost around $24 + and its worth every penny!


{I used all colors in the palette for my eyes in the picture above}












The Comparison:

**I won’t do a comparison in terms of color because one is dark brown( Sephora) and the other is black ( Extra Heavy Eyeliner).








+ Very easy to use

+ The firm tip allows for easy application even on the lower eye lash

+ Does not smudge when you sweat

– The Tip does not allow for a very fine application like Sephora

– Leaves a hint of color after removal





+ Very Fine Tip Applicator for exact and precise lines

+ Cheaper than Sana Heavy Eyeliner

+ Easy to remove

– Takes rather long to dry

– Smudges easily

-Occasionally leaves a reddish tint after removal ( this can look pretty scary)


Personally, I would go with SANA EXTRA HEAVY EYELINER. I find pen type liquid liners easier to grip and draw and I like the fact that my sister preferred the eye with SANA Heavy Eyeliner more than the eye with Sephora’s Line.

However, not to be too bias towards Japanese Products, I do find that brown eyeliner gives a softer appearance as compared to black liners and Sephora’s liner tips are thin yet firm, thus drawing a  precise line most of the time.

Everyone will have their own favorites, so do have fun experimenting!



(Bought this from WATSONS too, as they have a nice selection of  Japanese skincare and cosmetics…. THANK U WATSONS! )


Another Japanese Product that I am GAGA about. This makeup remover is so so effective yet gentle at the same time. I think Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil has a serious contender and I think this baby may emerge the winner. WHY?


+Removes makeup like a dream!

+No funny smell

+A small pump is enough for removing heavy duty mascara!


+No Irritation at all( unless u get it right in ur eye)




IMG_5714 IMG_5712

Victoria Secret Berry Wash

* Changi Airport $18 +

+ Sweet smelling

+ Pretty Packaging

+Skin feels so creamy & moisturized after use

-If you have had smelly sweaty days, skip this. It won’t make you feel squeaky clean

Satsuma Body Polish
*Body Shop ( I’m not sure about the price cause my family has 4-5 bottles at home)

+ OMG, EXCEPTIONAL SMELL that diffuses all over the home

+Pretty Packaging

+Skin is left feeling very Clean & I am completed invigorated after a SATSUMA BATH!

-I skip this at night because it’s too zingy & invigorating for a good night’s rest


Hope u enjoy this review heavy post and have a well rested weekend !



Japan & Skincare


Anyway, I’ve had an obsession with Japan & everything Japanese ever since  my trip to Japan in October last year (2008). Japanese knick knacks are so damn cute. They have the best makeup, the best hair products and accessories, the cutest outfits, the coolest and most original fashion I have ever seen. I went gaga in JAPAN. I bought their magazines, their clothes, DHC ( truly wonderful products!), makeup, hair accessories, weight loss inducing tights* (  a gal can really deceive herself). Anyways, Japanese guys and girls are really gorgeous to me cause they have such a unique look and style.

 Kyoto (40)

Japan_CanonSmall-109 Japan_CanonSmall-147

Japan_CanonSmall-142Picture 326

Did I mention that the food is really fresh, light and oh  so good too ?

 Picture 314Kyoto (55)

All my friends know about my crazy obsession with Japan & it’s products.

Before falling head over heels in love with Japan, I rarely used any Japanese skincare products ( except for trusty old Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil) . I was always under the impression that Japanese skin care products were too oily and that it would clog pores.

Moreover, my skin is so mega bitchy and can clog super easily. My skin hates foundation, powders, bb creams and blushers(it usually cause bumps). My skin hates the newly introduced DR WU ( broke out in red rashes), Vichy, Eucerin,  98% of drug store facial products. My skin is really pampered and is totally temperamental.

So, when if a products works on my skin, I talk & recommend it !

My definition of a product that


+Reduces or Eliminates pimple outbreaks

+Not pore clogging 96% of the time (I don’t trust products which claim to be 100% non-condomogenic)

+Effective in lightening and brightening

+No reactions, reddness, bumps

+NO PURGING Syndrome


Anyways, after trying a free sample of

Technorati Tags:

Olive Oil Remover in a Kyoto Hotel, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve carefully ventured into the wonderful world of Japanese skincare products and now I’m loving one particular brand – YAMANO.

Opposite from where I work, there is this small cosmetics shop that sells everything. I pop in every once in a while to check out the prices of Dr Secrets. Dr secrets was recommended by Ms Bel, who has amazing skin. Product wise, DR S. has been pretty amazing thus far! Its not totally perfect though, cause its bloody expensive and sometimes, it can irritate my skin a tiny bit. Dr Secrets focuses on daily exfoliation and renewal of the skin. I’ve recommended it to alot of people as well and most love it too. However, if you are trying to save some money, you would be like me and look around for a cheaper but equally effective product.

I was grousing about my Dr Secrets Dilemma to the lady boss in the shop and she recommended  I try the YAMANO Skin Care Range.

I also told her that when I get zits, its often very red and the post pigmentation takes an eternity (3-4 months)  to fully go away. She recommended this WHITE Skin enhancing cream by YAMANO.

 IMG_5080 IMG_5081

Don’t underestimate this shit. I’ve been for a chemical peel (50%) and it didn’t even make me peel the way this cream did. This cream is serious serious SHIT! The effect if u overdo this cream is that u look like a really red scaly monster. Its best to use this in moderation and only at night. I had a small scar which I wanted to resurface so it made me happy that this cream helped me peel the stubborn scaR! Post Pigmentation marks have reduced greatly as well. Well, for 80 bucks, its not exactly cheap but this product is well worth the money!

+ Use a sunblock when you use this cream. This is very important cause your skin will get thinner and sunblock is now your skin’s best friend.




This soap is grey in color. No fret. Its not pretty, doesn’t smell anything like roses, but it leaves my skin feeling so calm and smooth. My skin has never taken to any type of soap, Not Clinque famous bar soap, Not the papaya soap or any facial soap for that matter. This soap is the only soap that has not broken me out with a rash or zits! Bravo.

Initially it left my skin feeling a bit tight, but I fixed it with Yamano Moisturising Gel.



Wowowow…. This gel is freaky amazing. It feels like water.This doesn’t clog pores at all. I love it.





This sunblock is like SPF 50+ . It’s a little oily but thats fine with my cause it’s non pore clogging and it doesn’t leave a white sheen. However, my skin itched pretty badly with this sunblock.

I realised I can only use SPF 25 +. A higher SPF will make my skin itch… …  Still I was actually very excited about this sunblock cause I intended to use this right after the facial soap in the mornings. I wouldn’t have to worry about reapplying sunblock anymore… But at least I find out some thing else that my skin doesn’t take to and I can steer clear of higher spfs in the future.

I exchanged this sunblock in the end. Its still a very good sunblock though and if my skin weren’t so sensitive, I would use this all the this all the time.


Skincare is only going to take you so far. This much I know from personal experience of going through a very bad break out in Munich for a year. The root cause of breakouts is ( STRESS ) .

I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging cause I noticed that recent work stress was causing me to break out quite badly. I’m more relaxed now and naturally my skin is much better now. I’m also a religious reader of The writer and  natural skin care guru is called Fran and I love her articles. She writes intelligently and her insight into skin health is exceptional. Enjoy her blog & you tube vids!


Non-JAPAN Related News:

I’ve been constructing hairclips!

I’ve had a long standing love affair with ribbons and pretty hair clips so I bought some lace, flowers and clips and with some glue gun.

Tada! Amateurish but it makes me happy:)


My mom bought this clip for me: I luv it!


A bag I bought from Haji Lane. Its so boxy!

Perfect for wallet, keys, tissue, handphone and a camera.



————————————————- ————————-

I’ve been sporting alot of dark rimmed eyes lately. Maybe its reflecting my mood a tiny bit.  

IMG_5173 IMG_5180


Coastal Scents Gel Liner & Pineapple Mask!

IMG_4629 IMG_4636



1) Glides on easily

2) Coastal scent’s black gel color is dark, intense and phenomenal.

I could never get such color intensity with MAC.

Hence, you gotta be extremely careful with application. Only a fine brush will suffice because once its on, it will not budge at all.

3) Love the small tub it comes in. Packaging rocks.


1) Its too damn hard to remove. Seriously. The staying power is GIGANTANORMOUS… … I had to remove it so many times, my lids were feeling a little tender.

Overall, this gel liner is fantastic in terms of color intensity and staying power. I would reach for this more than MAC’s Fluid Line 🙂



IMG_4608 IMG_4610So it Claims…. 😛


Freeman’s Pineapple Enzyme Mask doesn’t set to a dry mask. It stays rather wet and I had a biting sensation all over for less than 3 minutes. Must be the fruit acids working their magic!

Coming right up, I’m going to expose my naked skin with a layer of Pineapple Mask::


IMG_4614 IMG_4616




After that pineapple mask, a long relaxing bath, some quiet time, I decide falsies + coastal scents eyeliner would suffice for work. My skin hasn’t been that red and the blemishes are rather inactive. I’ll let my skin breath easy today 🙂






I can’t wait to do some shopping. I need some excitement in my life =)

Best Scrub \ Exfoliator In the WORLD


Just a very quick update: I started using this scrub with the neutrogena wave product. I apply some of this onto the cleansing pads and cleanse away. It feels more effective somehow 🙂