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Korean Eyebrows Tutorial & Korean Hair Tutorial

I had a request for more Korean centric tutorials and since then I’ve been hunting the web and magazines for Korean style makeup and tutorials.

One thing that strikes me as being the MAINSTAY for any Korean look is




Let’s start off with the eyebrows. The shape of  Korean eyebrows are never ever thin or sparse looking. They all have a gentle arch at the end and I really like how they make their eyebrows look so natural and full looking. They truly believe in the idea that “ Eyebrows aren’t suppose to look like twins but sisters” ( I  remember this from Michelle Phan’s videos). Also, its such a relief that their eyebrows aren’t perfectly shaped. I’ve never been able to draw a perfectly shaped eyebrow in my life, it looks very unnatural on me.


Korean styled eyebrows gives a youthful appearance because they tend to frame wide faces very nicely. I should know cause I have a wide face myself! If I have thin eyebrows, my face will look really  big. That is not cute at all!

Achieving Korean Styled Eyebrows:

First and foremost, its critical to understand the structure of an eyebrow.

The picture below was taken from a Japanese Magazine, which captures perfectly the essence of naturally shaped brows.IMG_5676
1) Use a pencil( 2 shades lighter than ur own brow) to draw your eyebrow shape and fill it in with small strokes.

Over here, I have zoomed in on the eyebrows to show the basic shape of a Korean eyebrow. It is extremely tapered and fine at the end while being much broader at the start. Also, the arc is very gradual and soft.

ge cxopy  

2) Taking a similar colored eye shadow blend onto eyebrow with a brush.Color should be concentrated on the ends,with the least color concentration at the beginning. This pictorial diagram from MIna magazine describes how to use eye shadow to fill in the brows. It’s a pretty good guideline.


3) Use the brush below to blend the eye shadow and pencil. Pay attention to how well you blend because this is critical to making ur brows natural looking. If you don’t blend enough, it can look harsh.


4) Perfection is not the aim here. Take your eyebrow mascara ( light color) to gently sweep your eyebrows, to make it look neat and well groomed.




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BLOVET’s FIRST AWARD , KL TRIP & A Seductive Look!





I’ve been away in KL with a dear friend  and when I got back ,  I opened my email and found that Smoking FIFI gave me an AWARD!!!

I am squealing with delight 🙂

She is so





Oh since Fifi did ask, my actual name is Lane. I usually prefer to go by blovetbeauty for convenience sake. I’ve also made the assumption that only close friends of mine read this blog hence there’s been very little need for me to share my personal background.. So, for those of you who don’t know me and are interested, here goes:

5 Basic Facts about ME

1) I have a makeup artistry diploma from Cosmoprof. Nobody could really understand my obsession for makeup… Hehehe I don’t blame them.

2) I am 24, going 25 this year. My field of study was in business administration. A very general degree that I truly regret , because it didn’t turn me into anything amazing. I have a study loan that I am paying back and I hate it cause I was hardly in school. I love marketing and promotions and those were the only subjects I excelled in. ( wow, I so exceeded one fact here )

3) I work in a family rennovation business and have since discovered an insatiable love for aesthetics.

4) I am married to an IT nerd. A very good one at that. I married at 22 and shocked everyone. Even my mommy. Hahaha

5) I’ve been told I have a very stuck up look. Get to know me before you judge me. First impressions are bull shit & there’s time to hate me later on 😛



Kuala Lumpur




Taking a short trip up to KL in a coach was a really fun (good company) , yet painful experience (6-7 hour ride gave me a backache).

We stayed in Swiss Garden Hotel ( pretty clean & new):IMG_5599



We scoured the malls – Sungei Wang, New Times Square and Lot 10 in KL and I just had to visit their Guardian & Watson for a peek. Guess what, these lucky buggers have KATE selling in most of their pharmacies. That’s completely easy access to such wonderful makeup. 0de1_1

After walking around in Malls, we took a trip to Chinatown. It was a nice change from the concrete jungle. Here’s what I picked up on a small budget:










Seductive Eyes with

MAD Mineral


"mineral makeup" – products made of all natural, finely ground minerals from the earth, without any of the chemicals, dyes, and preservatives found in traditional makeup

Mineral pigments are not only free from all the fragrances and preservatives found in most beauty products but are extremely versatile and can create intense and vibrant eye looks.

Mineral Makeup Tips: 


* Since they come in a powder form and can be get messy when in a rush, I like to “make them stick” them with Coastal Scents EZ Prez

* Always use an Eyeshadow or Makeup Base prior to using minerals, as they are very finely milled and adhere better to a sticky surface

* Give MAD Minerals , Coastal Scents or Everyday Minerals a try. They are very efficient when it comes to shipping and have a large assortment of colors.

* For sensitive skin types, do not fret. Mineral Cosmetics can be used with minimal irritation for the eyes, cheeks, skin, nails and they are so so easy to use.


Steps by Step Seductive Eye with

Mineral Pigments:

First step before putting on any color is to prime the lids. Here, I used Sephora’s Colorful Duo Creamy eyeshadow. The beige-y color lends a hint of shine to the eye area. Also, it adds as a holding base to enhance the vibrancy of the mineral pigments.



Secondly, armed with my trusty coastal scents blending brush, softly blend in a sooty green pigment on the double  eyelid area, keeping close to the eyelids and not exceeding the crease.



With the same brush, blend a light blue color to the bottom lid



Using MAC Pigment ( i forgot the name of this cause it was a sample ), apply and blend very close to bottom lash line. It shouldn’t cover the blue pigments completely.



Using my fingertip, I blend a gold-ish pigment on my brow bone. Gold  complements my skin tone better than a shiny blue-ish white .


Blend the darker pigment well into the crease in a back and forth motion or tiny circular motion



Blend a lighter color near the tear duct area, to open up the eyes


Subsequent Steps:

-Line water line with a dark pencil

-Curl & Mascara

-Fill Brows

Lips are kept sheer & moist






* Add blusher & tons of

mascara for extra OOmph!


thanks for all ur comments and for reading my makeup ramblings 🙂

Japanese Inspired Hair Tutorials & Reviews!

I did a previous entry on Japanese Skincare and its all thanks to CherryBombPie, who sparked off this series of Japanese\Korean inspired entries. In this blog entry, I want to share with you guys some of my other Japanese Loves- HAIR!

Ribbons really put a smile on my face and its such a joy to know that we girls can actually make a ribbon with our  very own hair 🙂 BIG RIBBONS are so cool now all thanks to Lady GaGa & Gossip Girl ! 

Here’s what I stubled across on YOUTUBE!

Here’s You Tuber binosusume wonderfully interesting and simple Hair Ribbon tutorial :- ( I enjoy watching her videos immensely even though I have no idea what she’s saying !) 



binosusume demonstrating how to get the Big Hair Bun look that is so popular in Japan. This girl has amazing hair and makes it look so easy to achieve this bun look. I’ve tried it and its not too bad. Its easier for girls with thick hair though… …



binosusume makes the whole process of beautifying your nails, so calming and relaxing to watch. I had to include this video because she really inspires me with her artistic nature 🙂

Here’s another You Tuber Suzit86  cute  and easy to do Japanese Inspired Girly Ponytails tutorial:



OLAY  Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher


*Experience professional mini-peel results after 10 days.


Olay Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher regenerates skin’s appearance for a beautifully polished texture and renewed vibrancy – achieve professional mini-peel results after 10 days.

The key to this breakthrough experience is a water-activated, self-heating formula that deeply warms skin to relax pores. The gentle micro-crystal formula then polishes away dry skin cells, revealing newer skin after rinsing. The formula also contains glycolic acid, a key ingredient used in professional mini-peel treatments.

How to use:

Moisten face with water.

Dispense product (about the size of a quarter) onto fingertips and dab onto forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose.

Massage over face, rewetting face 1 to 2 times to extend thermal experience.

Rinse with water.

For best results, use daily at the sink or shower.

We recommend using an Olay product with SPF 15 or higher during the day.

Info from

Blovetbeauty Rates: Really good exfoliating product. I would recommend not using it every day as it has warming properties. It’s probably better to use it every other day. The heat is activated by water so you might get a little shock when you first use it, but its real soothing once you get used to the unique warming properties and I’m sure you’ll eventually grow to enjoy the sensation. If your skin can’t tolerate Glycolic Acid, best to give this product a miss. Otherwise, I love how it doesn’t irritate the skin and makes me feel like I’m getting a warm facial. 

Thermal skin polisher is a keeper from Olay & I’ll definitely travel all the way down to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to restock ! I haven’t found it in any regular Watson or Guardian ( W&G) store yet! :Please inform me if u see this around at regular (W&G) stores 🙂

ETSY – Modhuman


Look what I bought from Etsy. 3 Vintage Bags from Modhuman and I am super in love with them.



Everyone loves this doctor’s bag that I purchased from Modhuman .

The zipper was faulty but otherwise its in pretty good condition. The base is sturdy and the shape is super solid. I love it cause I can dump my world into this bag.

Everyone who sees this bag loves it! Thank U MODHUMAN.




Everyone hates this bag but I think its simple and cute. Easy to chuck money, hp, makeup stuff, small notebook…


Pucker Up @ Body Shop


I can really pucker my lips. Irritating I know 🙂


Amazing stuff from body shop. Fifi posted some reviews on Body shop products and that kind of made me tempted to go check body shop out. Moreover, the Great Singapore Sale that’s going on right now made it super tempting for me to do some shopping…. so I ended up with amazing lip balms: 2  for $12 + and this orange colored fruity smelling soap, that makes your toilet smell like fruit HEAVEN after a nice hot bath!  I picked up 3 soaps cause they were on offer : Buy  2 to get 1 free… … This orange soap will make you smell so good at a very reasonable price of $4+.

Man oh man. This GSS is doing big time damage to my wallet. I am buying way too many things.


Really nice off white color . I like this cause its very moisturizing & great base color for nude lipsticks.





This lip balm color is something I would use on a daily basis. Its really pretty alone, as it has a nice shimmer to it and make my lips look pouty & cute!





A gift from my sister: she knows me oh so well… …



Coming up : MAC products review : Mineral Makeup: Eyeshadow Palettes


Korean Style Eyeliner – Natural Look

Personally I think Korean actresses know how to enhance their natural beauty and accentuate the positive. Along with the fact that they probably have a pretty darn good plastic surgeon who can grant them instant double eyelids, western nose bridges and maybe throw in a jaw line reduction just for kicks. If I sounds bitter, its cause I am.

So, this entry is going be all about obtaining Korean Actresses – EYES, without the surgery.

The basis of the Korean actress look is really in a flawless face which translates to complete eye bags\ zits\reddness\darkness coverage, well defined eyebrows ( THROW your tweezers out the window) , glossy lips and subtly defined eyes.



I hate Korean dramas but there’s something undeniably beautiful about these Porcelain looking Korean actresses.



Now, now lets get talking about the FUN part :


1) Cream Eyeliner + THIN brush (MAC, Shu uemura, ECO Tools,Maybelline)

If you want a more defined look, easier application as compared to liquid liners, than to me cream liner is the way to go.

The brush gives you more control and grip and as such, you can draw a nice fluid  line. Also, a smaller and firmer brush can produce a more precise looking line.

The down side  with cream liners is that some users still prefer liquid liner as they feel they can draw a thinner more exact line as compared to the cream liner. At the end of the day, it really boils down to personal preference.

Great Stuff: Stila Smudge Pot, MAC black track, Coastal Scents ( been using this alot lately but having issues with removal , I still love it cause of the color intensity though ), Japanese cream eyeliners are pretty good in general


2) Pencil Eyeliner

For a very natural and soft look,  pencil liners would be the best way to go. Tip: Don’t bother with cheap and dry pencils cause they will only hurt the skin.

However, be warned that pencils have the tendency to smudge as they are less permanent than liquid or cream liners. As a rule of thumb, creamier pencils smudge more. Also, make sure to keep the pencil sharp, otherwise the line will be thick and very Un- Korean looking

Great Stuff: MAC Pencil liners (Engraved), Make Up Store, inouvi

3) Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Liners are great for photos. They come out really well in pictures but in person, liquid liners can look a tad bit harsh, when applied incorrectly. If you use liquid liners, be sure to keep the line really fine and as close to the lashes as possible!

The downside of liquid liners is that they are hard to apply. For me personally,I steer away from liquid liners. Cleaning up the mess is too much work for a lazy gal like me. It takes way too much concentration to keep a stable hand.

Great Stuff: Loreal, Tattoo Eyeliner , Shu uemura





STEP 1– Conceal


STEP 2- Tightlining the UPPER WATER LINE



A great tutorial to describe Tightlining: 

* Tightlining makes all the difference in getting a really nice dark lash line. It make the eyes look really big naturally. This step alone, can open up the eyes.

* Do not be too generous with liner application on the upper water line cause it can smudge really badly on your lower lids.

*Skip tightlining if u have very sensitive eyes.

STEP 3– Draw a THIN line on the lash line using a Black Eyeliner Pencil or Cream Liner

IMG_5036 IMG_5032IMG_5039IMG_5041IMG_5040

Step 4– Take an eyeliner brush ( Small, thin, narrow shaped) and dip into some dark eyeshadow. The eyeshadow acts as a sealant and helps to smoke out the drawn line, making it more natural looking.



Step 5 – CURL & MASCARA ( thin coat).

For extra definition, you can go over with liquid liner. This step is truly optional.



I took the picture below from some forum. The pictorial description is pretty much the essence of making your eyeliner appear really natural and soft:







Sources to learn about

great eye lining tips:






NYX cosmetics can be found here in Singapore but I find the range rather tiny and most of their merchandise have been pre-tested by inconsiderate shoppers… …

Alot of makeup blogs have featured NYX products but I never really got to try some of their famed products such as their Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencils, because of the simple fact that they aren’t brought into our tiny land. All we have in Singapore are the Lipstick and eyehadow range (trio palette and individuals), some brushes and falsies.

Hence, the next best option for a makeup JUNKiE like me, was to hunt for it online… … 9 days ago I placed an order with cherry culture for an assortment of cosmetics, and I’m so delighted to have recieved a parcel of pure cosmetic bliss…




EYEKO CREAM (Highlighter) :::


IMG_4398 IMG_4397

It’s like souffle….Light and fluffy…. The color is very light…. I will have to do a review on this product, either as an eye base or cheek highlighter! 🙂








I highly recommend their jumbo lip pencils cause they work like a lip pencil, only 10,000 times better. The formulation is creamy but not overly so. I love how smoothly and easily it glides on 🙂 SEXY!



This packaging gets a 5 star ! I passed it to my mom as a gift and she said that the color is fantastic but it was kinda goopy.






These 3 NYX glitter palette are so hot! The glitter size are a little bigger than coastal scents







IMG_4442 IMG_4444









Concealing Imperfections – Office Look


Conceal eyes with a creamy concealor.


Conceal reddness, zits, whatever you can’t stand. Blending the concealor is very impt or you get white patches on your face. It has happened to me too often, so I put more effort into blending it out well. Also, Use a brush if your fingers aren’t clean.


After concealing, I recommend a light powder to set your face. If you use foundation, its wonderful to put it on now and than use this powder veil from coastal scents to set your face.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VEIL. It is so fine and so smooth, as can be seen from the picture and the color suits me extremely well. I recommend the Medium Veil especially if you don’t wear any foundation or you simply want a natural, glowly look. This product comes highly recommended by ME !

You can apply it with fingers or brushes. The brushes in the picture below show powder application for the entire face and the smaller one is kabuki brush for the eye area or any smaller hard to reach areas.

Apply in a swirling motion 🙂 Easy


You should have a more or less flawless finish after the concealor, foundation ( optional ) and veil application.  EXCUSE my MESSY HAIR.

Anyways, everyone has a different definition of flawless. For me, its covering reddness and zits and eye bags . To others, its a face of foundation andor powder. Whatever rocks your boat.



For my eyes today, I simply apply some light pink eyeshadow and thick coat of mascara… After using ELF Mascara, I am finding it very hard to use my other mascaras cause they somehow weigh down my eyelashes and they don’t make my eyes look that vibrant.

ELF mascara may take a longer time to dry but it is really great!


So now I am late for work and I need to get out! My makeup is super simple but sweet enough to meet clients.


…. retarded pose 😛


Nah… Hair down is better….


IMG_4229 IMG_4241 





WAVE Reviews & Day Time Smokey look


IMG_3751 IMG_3748

HELLO ! This blog entry will feature some product reviews and a simple day time smokey eye tutorial!

IMG_3824 copy  

 Neutrogena WAVE POWER CLEANSER was very very recently introduced into the Singapore market. I grabbed one and tried it out. It’s suppose to cleanse deeply and remove makeup and blah blah…. Personally I think its only OK. My skin did not feel clean or excessive dry or taut after a round of Power Cleansing. It felt kinda normal and I didn’t see much of a difference to be honest. I’ll try it out a few more times and if it proves to be a good exfoliating tool, maybe I’ll recommend it, but not now. I think the Clarisonic device that Ricebunny reviewed on you tube looks better… hehe… It also cost lots lots MORE 😉

Moving on, I tried out Acne.Org Products cause I am a silent Fan of DAN KERN! I think he’s really sincere about helping others and he puts unwavering attention into the quality of his products. The Jojoba oil and 10% AHA reached our tiny island within less than 10 days and I fell in love with the packaging…

Jojoba oil can be used for spilt ends and removing makeup and it’s really gentle on the skin. It smells really nice and will make a non pore clogging moisturizer. Dan recommends to use some with spf, if you have dry or flaky skin. Love this.

10% AHA is amazing. It gives your skin a real glow and has helped me cut off emerging pimples!


Clinque Derma White Sunblock is okay too.. 2 pimples popped out after using this, but than again I have always been extremely sensitive to sunblocks. I like the tint in this sunblock though. It gives a nice glow to the skin. Not Sticky or oily…. so I’ll try it out for a few months but I’ll stop if more pimples pop out.

IMG_3816 IMG_3817


Day Time Smokey Eye: 


Estee Lauder Delux Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette


  IMG_3829IMG_3838 copy

1) Shu Uemura UV Liquid. Great foundation for sensitive Asian skin tones. I love this foundation cause it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

IMG_3839 copyIMG_3841 copy

2) Rim and blend the eyes with Smokey ES.

IMG_3842 copy  IMG_3844 copy

3)Apply camouflage to the centre of the lid

IMG_3845 IMG_3847 copy 

4) Apply Berry Ice to the Inner corners of the eye

IMG_3846 IMG_3850 copy

5) Mocha Cup on brow bone, blended with the darker ES


6) EYELINER: To create a gentle dark smoldering look, I line the water and lash lines. Eyeliner is applied and blended out with a brush



IMG_3853 IMG_3854IMG_3858 IMG_3859 copy

7) Curl & Mascara ( i use a brush to apply mascara to lower lashes)

IMG_3862 IMG_3866 copy 

IMG_3872 copy

ADDITONAL [ Lips: Use Becca Bird’s of Paradise Gloss for EyeslipsFace as base, followed by a mixture of red and nude lipstick color and a lip gloss for a sexy pout! ]



Pictures below Without flash and With flash:


White, Blue & Red Glitter Delight

IMG_3783 copyIMG_3784 copy 

For this GLITTER LOOK, stuff used:

1)Any random White, Blue and Red Eyeshadow

2)Any random clear cream Eyeshadow ( placed on top of ES)

3)White Glitter Eyeliner for bottom lash (MAC)

Glitter I placed on top of the clear cream ES  was

MAC Reflects Blue + MAC Reflects Very Pink + Coastal Scents Ocean Blue Glitter

4)Black Pencil Eyeliner for waterline and lash line

5)Liquid Eyeliner for upper lash line and to go over lower pencil line for a more defined look ( if you want)

6)False Eyelashes ( Ardell)

7)Curl & Mascara

8) Lips- nude color