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Korean Eyebrows Tutorial & Korean Hair Tutorial

I had a request for more Korean centric tutorials and since then I’ve been hunting the web and magazines for Korean style makeup and tutorials.

One thing that strikes me as being the MAINSTAY for any Korean look is




Let’s start off with the eyebrows. The shape of  Korean eyebrows are never ever thin or sparse looking. They all have a gentle arch at the end and I really like how they make their eyebrows look so natural and full looking. They truly believe in the idea that “ Eyebrows aren’t suppose to look like twins but sisters” ( I  remember this from Michelle Phan’s videos). Also, its such a relief that their eyebrows aren’t perfectly shaped. I’ve never been able to draw a perfectly shaped eyebrow in my life, it looks very unnatural on me.


Korean styled eyebrows gives a youthful appearance because they tend to frame wide faces very nicely. I should know cause I have a wide face myself! If I have thin eyebrows, my face will look really  big. That is not cute at all!

Achieving Korean Styled Eyebrows:

First and foremost, its critical to understand the structure of an eyebrow.

The picture below was taken from a Japanese Magazine, which captures perfectly the essence of naturally shaped brows.IMG_5676
1) Use a pencil( 2 shades lighter than ur own brow) to draw your eyebrow shape and fill it in with small strokes.

Over here, I have zoomed in on the eyebrows to show the basic shape of a Korean eyebrow. It is extremely tapered and fine at the end while being much broader at the start. Also, the arc is very gradual and soft.

ge cxopy  

2) Taking a similar colored eye shadow blend onto eyebrow with a brush.Color should be concentrated on the ends,with the least color concentration at the beginning. This pictorial diagram from MIna magazine describes how to use eye shadow to fill in the brows. It’s a pretty good guideline.


3) Use the brush below to blend the eye shadow and pencil. Pay attention to how well you blend because this is critical to making ur brows natural looking. If you don’t blend enough, it can look harsh.


4) Perfection is not the aim here. Take your eyebrow mascara ( light color) to gently sweep your eyebrows, to make it look neat and well groomed.




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