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The King Of Pop & Japanese Cosmetic & Skincare REVIEW

I cannot believe  that Michael Jackson just passed away.

The King of Pop is an absolute legend and its such a shock that he passed away at the young age of 50.

No human being can come close to dancing, singing or entertaining like him.

His was a life of fame, plagued by  endless legal suits, debts, family and image  issues.

When I watch his old videos, its like being transported to another time zone. Its like re-living my past and it makes me feel sad that this eccentric genius is gone….

I take comfort in one fact that despite everything, his music lives on.







Moving on, I’ve been super busy at work and my desk is looking very cluttered.

My Practice Drawing:

IMG_5093 Stuff I painted:


IMG_5190 Some of my Work Tools:

IMG_5845  IMG_5706

On the MAKEUP & HAIR front :




After a serious hair frying incident and a rebonding session to salvage the over preocessed hair, I decided to chop off all the dead ends. I went to the shop and told the aunty to give me a straight hair cut and take off 3-4 inches of hair.

Now, when I leave my hair to air dry , its dead straight:


I had a fun time catching up with my pretty and wonderful friends last night and at the end of the day, my hair would look a little more wavy ….



When I curl this shorter  hair of mine, I find that it looks mighty short….I’ve always had long hair most of my life, so I guess I’m used to feeling hair on my back and framing my face. I would love to try a really short hair style but I know it will spell disaster for my fat face. Also, I am making a guess that my Hubby will be frowning, ALOT!

Men and their long hair obsession *tsk tsk*




I  so want my hair to look like these Japanese Girls that I see in

this magazine:IMG_5662




Right now, my hair is just naturally pin straight. It takes alot of time and product to make it stay curled. I must wake up earlier for the sake of grooming my hair ( but I’m so lazy) ! hehehe



I bought EYE FLASHER  recently at Watsons.I am a true blue sucker for Japanese Products and this one was sitting pretty on the shelve with the most gorgeous wet SILVER Eyeshadow ( right most shade on palette). The Japs are so smart, they include simple instructions on the packaging to obtain 3 different looks.

My Favorite has to be the first one – Smokey Big Eye





IMG_5828I think the colors really compliment Asian yellow skin tones and they work together really well!

Many eye shadow palettes have certain colors that are crappy and certain colors that are gorgeous.This palette is that bit more special cause all the colors look great together and are so easy to blend, and they leave a gorgeous shine. I like the angled applicator tip that comes with the palette as it is suited for small areas, which then allows you to brighten the inner eye corners very nicely.

Also, the wet silver color on the right most is super super hot.

EYEFLASHER cost around $24 + and its worth every penny!


{I used all colors in the palette for my eyes in the picture above}












The Comparison:

**I won’t do a comparison in terms of color because one is dark brown( Sephora) and the other is black ( Extra Heavy Eyeliner).








+ Very easy to use

+ The firm tip allows for easy application even on the lower eye lash

+ Does not smudge when you sweat

– The Tip does not allow for a very fine application like Sephora

– Leaves a hint of color after removal





+ Very Fine Tip Applicator for exact and precise lines

+ Cheaper than Sana Heavy Eyeliner

+ Easy to remove

– Takes rather long to dry

– Smudges easily

-Occasionally leaves a reddish tint after removal ( this can look pretty scary)


Personally, I would go with SANA EXTRA HEAVY EYELINER. I find pen type liquid liners easier to grip and draw and I like the fact that my sister preferred the eye with SANA Heavy Eyeliner more than the eye with Sephora’s Line.

However, not to be too bias towards Japanese Products, I do find that brown eyeliner gives a softer appearance as compared to black liners and Sephora’s liner tips are thin yet firm, thus drawing a  precise line most of the time.

Everyone will have their own favorites, so do have fun experimenting!



(Bought this from WATSONS too, as they have a nice selection of  Japanese skincare and cosmetics…. THANK U WATSONS! )


Another Japanese Product that I am GAGA about. This makeup remover is so so effective yet gentle at the same time. I think Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil has a serious contender and I think this baby may emerge the winner. WHY?


+Removes makeup like a dream!

+No funny smell

+A small pump is enough for removing heavy duty mascara!


+No Irritation at all( unless u get it right in ur eye)




IMG_5714 IMG_5712

Victoria Secret Berry Wash

* Changi Airport $18 +

+ Sweet smelling

+ Pretty Packaging

+Skin feels so creamy & moisturized after use

-If you have had smelly sweaty days, skip this. It won’t make you feel squeaky clean

Satsuma Body Polish
*Body Shop ( I’m not sure about the price cause my family has 4-5 bottles at home)

+ OMG, EXCEPTIONAL SMELL that diffuses all over the home

+Pretty Packaging

+Skin is left feeling very Clean & I am completed invigorated after a SATSUMA BATH!

-I skip this at night because it’s too zingy & invigorating for a good night’s rest


Hope u enjoy this review heavy post and have a well rested weekend !



Japanese Inspired Hair Tutorials & Reviews!

I did a previous entry on Japanese Skincare and its all thanks to CherryBombPie, who sparked off this series of Japanese\Korean inspired entries. In this blog entry, I want to share with you guys some of my other Japanese Loves- HAIR!

Ribbons really put a smile on my face and its such a joy to know that we girls can actually make a ribbon with our  very own hair 🙂 BIG RIBBONS are so cool now all thanks to Lady GaGa & Gossip Girl ! 

Here’s what I stubled across on YOUTUBE!

Here’s You Tuber binosusume wonderfully interesting and simple Hair Ribbon tutorial :- ( I enjoy watching her videos immensely even though I have no idea what she’s saying !) 



binosusume demonstrating how to get the Big Hair Bun look that is so popular in Japan. This girl has amazing hair and makes it look so easy to achieve this bun look. I’ve tried it and its not too bad. Its easier for girls with thick hair though… …



binosusume makes the whole process of beautifying your nails, so calming and relaxing to watch. I had to include this video because she really inspires me with her artistic nature 🙂

Here’s another You Tuber Suzit86  cute  and easy to do Japanese Inspired Girly Ponytails tutorial:



OLAY  Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher


*Experience professional mini-peel results after 10 days.


Olay Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher regenerates skin’s appearance for a beautifully polished texture and renewed vibrancy – achieve professional mini-peel results after 10 days.

The key to this breakthrough experience is a water-activated, self-heating formula that deeply warms skin to relax pores. The gentle micro-crystal formula then polishes away dry skin cells, revealing newer skin after rinsing. The formula also contains glycolic acid, a key ingredient used in professional mini-peel treatments.

How to use:

Moisten face with water.

Dispense product (about the size of a quarter) onto fingertips and dab onto forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose.

Massage over face, rewetting face 1 to 2 times to extend thermal experience.

Rinse with water.

For best results, use daily at the sink or shower.

We recommend using an Olay product with SPF 15 or higher during the day.

Info from

Blovetbeauty Rates: Really good exfoliating product. I would recommend not using it every day as it has warming properties. It’s probably better to use it every other day. The heat is activated by water so you might get a little shock when you first use it, but its real soothing once you get used to the unique warming properties and I’m sure you’ll eventually grow to enjoy the sensation. If your skin can’t tolerate Glycolic Acid, best to give this product a miss. Otherwise, I love how it doesn’t irritate the skin and makes me feel like I’m getting a warm facial. 

Thermal skin polisher is a keeper from Olay & I’ll definitely travel all the way down to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to restock ! I haven’t found it in any regular Watson or Guardian ( W&G) store yet! :Please inform me if u see this around at regular (W&G) stores 🙂

ETSY – Modhuman


Look what I bought from Etsy. 3 Vintage Bags from Modhuman and I am super in love with them.



Everyone loves this doctor’s bag that I purchased from Modhuman .

The zipper was faulty but otherwise its in pretty good condition. The base is sturdy and the shape is super solid. I love it cause I can dump my world into this bag.

Everyone who sees this bag loves it! Thank U MODHUMAN.




Everyone hates this bag but I think its simple and cute. Easy to chuck money, hp, makeup stuff, small notebook…


Pucker Up @ Body Shop


I can really pucker my lips. Irritating I know 🙂


Amazing stuff from body shop. Fifi posted some reviews on Body shop products and that kind of made me tempted to go check body shop out. Moreover, the Great Singapore Sale that’s going on right now made it super tempting for me to do some shopping…. so I ended up with amazing lip balms: 2  for $12 + and this orange colored fruity smelling soap, that makes your toilet smell like fruit HEAVEN after a nice hot bath!  I picked up 3 soaps cause they were on offer : Buy  2 to get 1 free… … This orange soap will make you smell so good at a very reasonable price of $4+.

Man oh man. This GSS is doing big time damage to my wallet. I am buying way too many things.


Really nice off white color . I like this cause its very moisturizing & great base color for nude lipsticks.





This lip balm color is something I would use on a daily basis. Its really pretty alone, as it has a nice shimmer to it and make my lips look pouty & cute!





A gift from my sister: she knows me oh so well… …



Coming up : MAC products review : Mineral Makeup: Eyeshadow Palettes